5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

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As a resident of Southern California, I never get to the northern part of the state enough, so recently I found myself an excuse to spend a day in sunny San Francisco, where I was invited to help kick off the summer BBQ season with Line 39 Wine and Weber® Grills. #findyoursummer With a group of friends old and new, we sat down to an elaborate spread of perfectly grilled summer classics and got the chance to indulge in an unexpected wine tasting from Line 39 Wine.

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

As a massive fan of group settings and dinner parties, it brought up all those great memories of what the best part of summer is all about; getting together with family and friends, chomping down on amazing food, and celebrating it all with stellar wine.

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

There’s always the traveler in me, the girl that’s ready to go, make a plan and go somewhere on a whim, but being at this killer get-together inspired me to embrace all the passions I love, which inspired me to host my own event in my backyard! Yeah, they call it a staycation for a reason!

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

My mind was made up there and then, as I already hosted mine! Here are the 5 reasons to host a backyard staycation now:

1. Make a plan:

In life we are all so busy, and the days the weeks the months they all pass so quick. I always say live for today. Set a date and commit!

2. Set the Mood:

It’s not a staycation for nothing! Whether you decide to go big and have a glamping cookout, or a backyard move theme, or even as simple as a picnic on a blanket, a staycay is still a vacay! #findyoursummer

3. Turn it Up:

Get loud and proud I say. With a glass of Line 39 Wine in one hand, and turning up the volume with the other, music always helps set the tone and mood.

4. Keep it Simple:

Less is always more, meaning you don’t need some fancy grill to get your food cooked right. What I love about Weber® Grills‘ Q1200 portable grill is that it is compact, easy to use and you can take it anywhere From camping, tailgating or to staycay mode – easy breezy use. They’re made of lightweight aluminum and have folding side tables to make grilling on the go easy.

5. Keep Calm and Recipe On!

Keep it simple by using our tasting menu with paired Line 39 wines for the event. These and many recipes can be found at Line 39’s website.

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

Grilled Bruschetta with Mozzarella

Wine Pairing: Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc – vibrant aromas of grapefruit and lemon that are subtle on the palate with a crisp, clean finish.

Grilled Corn with Lime and Cotija Cheese

Wine Pairing: Line 39 Chardonnay – medium-bodied with hints of oak and tropical stone fruit

Grilled Flank Steak with Spicy Cucumber Salad

Wine Pairing: Line 39 Cabernet Sauvignon – Notes of currant, blackberry and ripe plum with hints of dark chocolate on the palate.

Fire Roasted Strawberries with Pound Cake and Chocolate Sauce

Wine Pairing: Line 39 Excursion Red Blend – concentrated aromas of blackberry jam, ripe raspberries, mocha and warm toasted oak, with a long finish.

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

5 Tips to Host a Backyard Staycation Today!

I had already been a fan of the Line 39 Wine, and the afternoon had my cup runneth over. Line 39 is teaming up with Weber® Grills for a fun summer sweepstakes! Visit line39bbq.com or text BBQ to 797979 for your chance to win a Weber® Q 1200 portable gas grill for all your outdoor adventures and backyard barbeques. See line39wines.com/sweeps for official rules and look for displays in store. The Weber® Q 1200 portable gas grill offers the following features: porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates; infinite control burner valve; built-in lid thermometer, removable catch pan; stainless steel burner tube; folding side tables; a cast aluminum lid and body.

*All Opinions Are My Own. This post is Sponsored by Line 39 Wine.
*All images ©CuratedCool & ©Kim Corona.

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