The Weekend What You Need: Holiday Dinner Party Table Settings

YAY for the holidays! It’s that awesome time of the year when people throw parties, and lot’s of them. When I think of holiday dinners, I think of any and all dinner parties that take place between Thanksgiving and New Years. My holiday dinner party table settings are always decorated with lot’s of fun and humor. That’s why I’m bringing out the best unique & chic finds, to set the table right. I’m deliberately going with a fresh palate that has lot’s of color, and is a bit left of center.

Holiday Dinner Party Table Settings

1. Birch Placemat | 2. Fern Champagne Flute | 3. Sergeant Peppermill | 4. Ogai Dinner Plate | 5. Twig Flatware | 6. Elk Horn Tureen | 7. Noctua Bottle Opener | 8. Banana Bark Napkin Ring | 9. Lanterna Dark Grey | 10. Mumbai Napkin | 11. Snowfall Coaster | 12. Winter Cocktail Book






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