Trend Alert: Gypset Style: What You Need To Know…

Gypset Style What You Need To Know…

If you have followed me long enough you know that I’m part gypsy, that gal that lives a modern nomadic lifestyle, inspired by music, fashion creativity, and the arts. When I want to go somewhere I kind of just go. I don’t like to feel tied down, so I pretty much go where my heart dictates me. It’s a sophisticated balance; part free-spirited gypsy, the other part sophistication of the jet set traveler.

Gypset Style What You Need To Know

Every year I love evolving my look, where I get to seek out a style I might not have been into before, or at least be open to growing with my next stage of fashion. One thing has become clear, Gypset is my new vibe!

Gypset Style What You Need To Know

It’s a style that is a mixed set of jet-set glamour and gypsy free-spiritedness. An enchanting exoticism and down-to-earth ease. How I love to meld the two is creating a balance between structured pieces, and flowing ones. I’m also fully aware of my body proportion, so no matter what style I lean towards it always has to flatter my body.

Gypset Style What You Need To Know

What drew me to this look, which hands down is my favorite of the season, is the mix of structured vs. gypsy. The on-trend Banana Republic plaid skirt sets the look. I shortened it to show off my legs, and I love the detail of the buttons down the side.

Gypset Style What You Need To Know

The most alluring part of Gypset style is that it doesn’t belong to any one place. Its nomadic like its look and feel, where it melds what’s borrowed and what’s new. Gypset is also a lifestyle, an interior design belief, and what I akin to is a spiritually way of living. With my Gypset accessories of a starry metallic tee and silver boho-statement necklace, the structured blazer seals it all together. I feel put together, chic, on trend, and most importantly, ME!

Gypset Style What You Need To Know

Banana Republic Skirt

Starry Tee




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