What To Look For When Buying A Leather Tote Bag

My collection of leather tote bags continues to grow at a very healthy rate. I love them cause they are durable, they transition from day to night to easily, and can take any outfit to dial it up a notch. I won’t just buy anything, especially if it’s on sale, but I will take the time to look at the bag and make sure it’s a good fit before making a purchase. So what should one look for when buying a leather tote bag?

1. Material – There are many types of leather, from raw, pebbled, smooth, grainy, polished etc. I find that the thicker the tote, the longer it will last. I stay away from flimsy leathers as they will break down the fastest.

2. Hardware – I look for sturdy fastening, that I know will hold anything from lighter items to heavier items.

3. Size – Are you looking for an oversized, medium, or a smaller tote? Make sure it doesn’t dwarf your body or frame, and that the handle fits well on both you shoulder and forearm.

4. Color – I’m drawn to darker colors for larger bags. They go with any outfit and can be worn all year round. Remember if it’s large and colorful, you’re gonna stand out!

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Buying A Green Leather Tote Bag:

What to look for.

N'Damus Green Leather Tote Bag

N'Damus Green Leather Tote Bag

N'Damus Green Leather Tote Bag

N'Damus Green Leather Tote Bag

N'Damus Green Leather Tote Bag

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Photographed by Patric Massou

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