The Hit List – Best Modern Gold Treasures

Gold treasures. The most commonly owned metal, the one LITERALLY worth its weight in gold, and a stunner amongst it’s metals counterparts. It can do no wrong. And seeing as for centuries it has been buried to carry one’s soul through the after life, it got me thinking about this life – the one here and now. So here’s a collection of best modern gold treasures. From simple yet elegant thank you cards, to these gold playing cards I actually have, there is a lot of beauty in this collection. Hope you love. Xx

The Hit List – Best Modern Gold Treasures:
The Hit List - best Modern Gold Treasures

1. Gold Playing Cards | 2. Ten Piece Wall Koi Fish | 3. Estetico Quotidiano Milk Jug, Limited Edition | 4. Turtle Box | 5. Bing Bang Shielded Ring | 6. Noritamy Crossroads Ring | 7. Doma Serving Set | 8. Pom Pom | 9. Sunbeam Bracelet *ON SALE | 10. Tom Dixon Candleholder | 11. Gold Stripes Thank You Cards | 12. Deft Skull Journal








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