Why Marni’s Flower Choker Necklace Wins Everytime

When I’m picking products to feature as the cool find of the day, I’m always looking for whats fresh, new and what no-ones seen before. Sure we live in a saturated world, where everyone follows the same people, and we all know what a certain style of bag or design is cause we see it everywhere. Sure, Marni has a distinct look, but they ALWAYS hit it out of not just any park, but a super hip Im-doing-my-own-thing-park. I usually pick their items purely on the merit of good craftsmanship. And this flower choker necklace is no different. A stunner to say this least, It’s just like nothing else out there right now. And THAT”S what I love. Purchase HERE.


Marni Flower Choker Necklace:

The style brilliance never ends.

Marni Flower Choker Necklace

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