Strategic Tips To Help You Find A Wicked Mentor

I get asked this question a lot: “How does one go about finding a mentor”? I’m asked all the time, cause I have about three. They are all older than me, all male and are all successful businessmen that make over seven figures. They have guided me, consulted me, strengthened me, and at the very most have been great friends. So how do you go about finding one?

Rule #1 – You don’t find them, they find you. Unless you’re going to pay someone for a fee, Mentors need to see two things in you. 1) is themselves, 2) is their time going to be wasted. Anyone that’s ever busted their way to the top knows you can’t get it alone, so for them to see something in you is critical.

Rule #2 – Always provide value. This is great because not everyone knows everything. One of my mentor/friends I gave a social media tip too, which made him $80,000 in the first week. Hence I became an asset to him, and it benefited him to help me. Believe it or not, mentorship is a two-way street. Give as much as you can, and give wisely.

Rule #3 – Go above and beyond what is expected. Mentors are pretty busy people with a fully packed schedule. With no time to waste, Having a positive and energetic outlook is key. Also, if you overhear information that you shouldn’t, take that info to the grave!

Rule #4 – Be creative and pitch ideas. Smart businesses know that a great idea comes from anywhere, so don’t be shy to run things by them. Especially connecting them with the right people. If you can be a great dot connector, that’s a win for you.

There’s a lot of pressure to “Find” a mentor, but it usually happens organically without any words being spoken. Once you have a mentor, never forget their birthdays, anniversaries, and the little things in life that are nothing to do with business.

Tips To Finding A Mentor:

Easier than you think.

finding a mentor

Photographed by Patric Massou

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