Fair Trade Bags Bright Hand Woven Straw Baskets $94 FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonFair trade bags bright hand-woven straw baskets. Happy. Summer makes us happy. It’s totally normal that looking at this Sisal tote basket makes ones FEEL happy. Whats so cool about this awesome anywhere bag, is that Sisal is the straw leaves that come from the agave plant. Design House Mar Y Sol, works with ladies in Madagascar and Kenya to create vivid, original handbags from renewable materials, enabling families to gain economic independence and education, promoting fair trade. Roomy and structured, it’s patterned with bright stripes and detachable pompom’s. Handmade, the top opens to an unlined interior with one pocket. Made in Madagascar. H: 13″ / 33cm. L: 19″ / 48cm. D: 8″ / 20.5cm. Strap drop: 4″ / 10cm.

Fair Trade Bags Bright Hand Woven Straw Baskets



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