Lines I love – Erickson Beamon

WHO: Erickson Beamon

WHAT: Jewelry Designers

WHY: With over 25 years in the Industry, Erickson Beamon are never afraid to mix jewels anyway they see fit. It is the wonderchild of hometown friends Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson, who have been designing rock star glam worthy jewelry for the likes of Lady GaGa & The First Lady. Their creative use of semi precious stones make each piece a work of art. Private clients such as Madonna, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, &  Sarah Jessica Parker .

Lines I love - Erickson Beamon

1. Bracelet Cuff *ON SALE | 2. Velocity Earrings | 3. Electric Avenue Necklace | 4. Velocity Cluster Ring *ON SALE | 5. Cluster Cuff | 6. Rhinestone Earrings *ON SALE | 7. Cluster Necklace *ON SALE | 8. Statement Ring





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