Sonia Rykiel Designer Brooches For Women USD$185

cc-buy-now-buttonForever on the hunt for whats unique and chic, it’s the little accessories that can make a difference. There’s two reasons that I’m a big believer in designer jewelry: for one it’s usually always unique. Not cookie-cutter items that you get in department stores. Secondly the resale on the RIGHT designer will be spot on. I invest in jewelry because I invest in myself. Designer Brooches for women are unique for the sheer fact that you can use it anywhere. As a brooch, as a cardigan clasp, blanket claps, and I’ve even used them in my hair. The infamously Parisian chic Sonia Rykiel, takes a nod to the mid-century. Made from metal, plastic. Height: 4.1″

Designer Brooches For Women


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