Crockett & Jones Shoes – The Semi Brogue Oxford Done Right

There’s a fashion lore that says you should always put more of your style budget towards accessories, outerwear and footwear, as they are durable statement pieces that will last you a lot longer for many seasons to come. The lore is 100% true! In a time of mass produced fast-fashion, true craftsmanship can be seen as a dying art. You might get a great deal on a pair of $50 shoes, but how long are they really going to last?

In fashion I’ve chosen to be a collector rather than a consumer, which means I have a collection of highly edited pieces that add value to my wardrobe. I’ve found shoes are defiantly an investment piece, and not just buying them, but maintaining the upkeep on them as well.

Crockett & Jones Shoes:

The Semi Brogue Oxford Done Right

Crockett & Jones Shoes - The Semi Brogue Oxford Done Right

I love discovering new designers, and recently came across Crockett & Jones, shoemakers that specialize in handcrafted footwear. Mainly a men’s store known for their highly fashionable and classic semi-brogue collection, they have a stunning women’s collection too. All shoes are classic, minimal, chic and on trend.

Remember this – just because a store might seem like a men’s store doesn’t mean there isn’t something there for you. I own 2 pairs of men’s shoes (Brogue & Loafer) and at the end of the day I am seeking style, quality, comfort and fit.

Crockett & Jones Shoes - The Semi Brogue Oxford Done Right

As a 5th generation family run business, Crockett & Jones believes in attention to detail and durability. With stores in the UK, US and across Europe, they also customize in special order and fully bespoke made shoes.

A true craft that isn’t dying… it’s just like you and me, waiting for the right fit.







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