Copenhagen Where To Stay: The Royal Radisson Blu

When researching where to stay in Copenhagen, I feel it’s important for one to be able to take in the city as a whole. This starts with what does the city represent, where is it located, and what character can it bring to mind? See travel is a journey and not just a destination. Remember that the whole is always  greater than the sum of its parts.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

The elegance and luxury of Scandinavian style is modern with minimal simplicity and ease. So if I wanted to get to the heart and soul of the city that would represent Danish Architecture, well there was no place else to stay than at the helm of the master himself, Arne Jacobsen. One of the greatest Danish architects of the 20th century.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

What I learned in detail about Danes is their love of history. Where it’s from, how it’s made, the whole who-what-why that goes into its production. I found myself loving this too! Anyone can build a hotel, but when art and culture is involved, there is great history.

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Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

In 1960, The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen opened as the first designer hotel of it’s kind. The hotel represented the victory of simplicity and was the first skyscraper in Copenhagen. As a tribute to Danish architecture and design, the large well-lit rooms are comfortable, simple and modern, with a nod to mid-century modernism.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

“Architecture is the thoughtful making of space”

I particularly find joy in the little things that the Radisson Blu provides, like free WiFi for all guests and natural toilet amenities such as This Works.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

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Centrally located, it lies in the pulse of Copenhagen’s hotspots that can be seen from the lavish windows overlooking the city. I was able to walk most places and found that by doing so I was able to stumble across the many hidden gems.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

Architect Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Swan and Egg chairs are in most of its fashionable rooms. Most notably is room 606. It’s the only hotel room with the original décor from it’s opening in 1960. Thats taking chic to a whole new level! To have an original room preserved from its very first opening speaks volumes of the Radisson Blu’s core values. Be sure to mention if Room 606 is available in your reservation ——>> HERE.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

Overlooking Tivoli Gardens, I could see many of Copenhagen’s famous landmarks, many which were in walking distance – which is the best way to see any great city. Close by you’ll find Tivoli gardens, Town Hall square, and Strøget shopping area.

“The journey not the arrival matters

Fun fact: In most fine hotels in Copenhagen, a plaque displaying great guests from around the world hangs in the lobby for you to read. I loved seeing that Nelson Mandela, Jaqueline Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Bill Clinton, Tina Turner, the Dalai Lama and many icons more had enjoyed the same great service as me.

Copenhagen Where To Stay : The Royal Radisson Blu

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