The Hit List – 9 Cool Modern Vases For Every Taste

When it comes to home accessories and decor, cool modern vases are easily my favorite thing to collect. I NEVER just use a vase as a centerpiece, I always find a way to mix up how it used. I use them as pot-plants, scarf holders, pen holders and a few other ways. Also using them traditionally as a flower vase too. I encourage you to think outside the box and find new creative ways to use your vase. Hope you see something here you like. Xx

Cool Modern Vases For Every Taste:

How do you use yours?

Cool Modern Vases -

1. Wing Perch Vase | 2. Seletti Porcelain Vase | 3. Wooden Log Vase | 4. Marcel Wanders Sponge Vase | 5. Franz Collection Magnolia Flower | 6. Kosta Boda Rose Tattoo | 7. Sand Glazed Vase | 8. Green Pik Vase | 9. Recycled bali Vase *ON SALE







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