The Hit List – Get Stylish & Chic With 9 Cool Fedora Hats

Every summer comes the Fedora trend, and it’s a cool trend. Totally kick-ass and chic, cool Fedora hats can be worn all year round. I have started building my own collection, and must say that I am drooling over number 1 on this list. I wanted to put together a collection of different colored Fedoras, using different fabrics as well. Hope you find a favorite! Xx

9 Cool Fedora Hats Right Now:

Go on, tell me, got a fave?

Cool Fedora Hats - www.curatedcool.com1. Hat Attack Bi-Color Fedora | 2. Eugenia Kim Navy Cord | 3. Goorin Brothers Straw Fedora | 4. Asymmetric Brim In Charcoal | 5. Libanona Fedora | 6. Emery Hat | 7. B.P. Straw Fedora | 8. Goorin Killian Fedora | 9. Rag & Bone Wide Brim







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