Your Foolproof Guide To Styling Color Block Tops

Styling color block tops is a simple and effective way to dress chic and minimally, and luckily it works for every season. Here’s a simple guideline that I follow myself:

1. Pick a color palette: Here I have picked a basic nude, from the pants, the shoe and the detailing front panel of the top, to make the look more cohesive.

2. Choose a frame: With an oversized top I went with a wide legged pant to keep a fluid and easy shape. If You want to create more shape, simply add a belt of skinny pants.

3. Build an Outfit – You can always take away: Here I’m showing a summer look, but with an addition of a navy coat, or long blazer, that takes the look from day to-night, makes it more polished, and by choosing navy, I add the same color combo as the neck line of the top, tying the look together.

A Guide To Color Block Tops:

A simple 3 step plan.

A.L.C. Color Block Tops

A.L.C. Color Block Tops

A.L.C. Color Block Tops

A.L.C. Color Block Tops

Photographed by Patric Massou

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