Change The World With Walmart & Coffee Mountain Roasters

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It all starts with a dream. An intention, a desire, and compassion to give back to the community. Thus my community includes anything locally and any organization that makes a difference around the world. Here are a few things you may not know about me…

Coffee Mountain Roasters At Walmart

  • I head to Costa Rica next week on the 20th of January. A country so vast and beautiful, which also supplies Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®, a company so responsible and sustainable, their Single-origin Coffees are Fair Trade Certified. They support their network of farmers to help cultivate the land that produces great coffee.
  • I am launching my own body scrub business. A skincare line where each bottle contains five ingredients or less, and I am so proud that a portion of all proceeds will go to charity.
  • I volunteer at shelters and woman’s groups, and every Thanksgiving and Holiday season, I make a stack of sandwiches and create bagged lunches for the homeless in Downtown.
  • I can’t start my day without coffee. You?
OK, you know when they say “you vote with your wallet”? Well, you really do! The choices you make and the money you spend casts a vote into what gets produced. More people are inspired to spend their money with companies that give back or give forward to communities in a positive way.

I get inspiration from companies that do just that. I am inspired to spend my dollar with them so it goes even further and has a greater impact. Remember an attitude of gratitude goes a long way!

The goal for me is always, “How can I give back in a way that is meaningful?” If you want to get impassioned to do more, here are some ways that I get involved to add value and meaning to my community, and the planet, and to you!

Start At Home:

Purchase brands that make an impact that goes beyond making a purchase, such as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters K-Cup® pods? found at Walmart. They are doing great things and companies should take note! They stand for goodness: For the lives of their company and co-workers, such as the Sumatran seedling program, which gives high-quality seedlings to plant, which creates better productivity and bean quality. Which in turn raises higher incomes for their workers. And many other initiatives.

Go Green With An Empty K-Cup:

The best way to feed your garden is to compost! Composting is great for flower gardening, herb gardening, and even houseplants. By taking the used coffee grounds from a Green Mountain Coffee Pod from Walmart, you’re reducing waste and capturing the used coffee grounds for compost.

Coffee Mountain Roasters At Walmart

Coffee Mountain Roasters At Walmart

Shop Where Your Dollar Has a Social Impact:

Walmart chooses to use its strength for good and believes in Global Responsibility. They know that impactful choices can drive meaningful change that a company of its size can deliver. They are able to make real differences to make impactful results that a company of that size should. Responsibility is a global choice.

Coffee Mountain Roasters At Walmart

Coffee Mountain Roasters At Walmart

I buy Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at Walmart because I know my wallet gets a vote and I get to save money while helping good causes too. And it’s yummy! {Coffee essential inserted} Green Mountain Coffee Roasters & my Keurig Machine are all available at Walmart online and in most stores. I encourage you to spend your dollars with passion and to make a difference!


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