The Hit List – 12 Stylish Charm Bracelets For Women

Literally for centuries, charm bracelets for women started out as a protector against evil. In the 1800’s it was Queen Victoria that brought charm bracelets into a fashionable realm. I had my first in Hong Kong, where I would collect different charms that represented what I loved. I regret that I tossed it one day – hindsight is 20/20 right?!? I thought I had outgrown it, but in reality I now want it back! Oh well, here is a collection of charm bracelets that are stylish, chic and unique. I hope you love Xx.

The Hit List - 12 Stylish Charm Bracelets For Women

1. Saint Laurent Pearl Charm Bracelet | 2. Alex Monroe baby Bee | 3. Coral & Pearl Charm Bracelet | 4. DESQUARED2 | 5. Sweet Romance Earthly Delights | 6. French Connection Circular Charm | 7. Jean Paul Gaultier Cross | 8. Just Cavalli Amuleto *ON SALE | 9. Guess Silver Tone Coin | 10. Alcozer & J Bangle Charm | 11. Moschino | 12.  Jay Strongwater 








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