Beauty Pick of The Week: Caress® Forever Collection Review

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When Caress invited me to try their new Caress® Forever Collection body washes, I was pretty excited due to its revolutionary technology, with its 12-hour fragrance release that creates a long lasting scent. Firstly I’m a fan of feeling fabulous, and as a gal I know that the right product can do that for me. Secondly, I’m a fan of great smelling affordable body washes, and like my other beauty products I like to try something new.

With two wonderful Caress® Forever Collection body washes on the market, gosh it was hard to decide which one to get. Sure I could have gotten both, but I prefer to pick one product and commit. First up, the fragrance test, and let me tell you it was hard, hard, hard!

caress forever collection review

I ended up picking the Caress Adore Forever™ body wash, which reminded me of soft honey, light vanilla and amber, with hints of delicate rose petals. It’s a simple yet complex fragrance, making me feel like it would suit more of my personality. Another thing I love about scented body wash is that I don’t have to double up on perfume, and I’m still able to feel just as fabulous.

Showering was easy with the right amount of lather, and the scent is powerful yet refreshing. As a big believer in aromatherapy, showering with scented products always lifts my spirits in a beautiful way. I like to make an impression wherever I go, and I did get comments on what scent was I wearing. SCORE! I love it when I’m not wearing perfume and people think I am, cause I still get to make an unforgettable impression.

caress forever collection review

I wasn’t paying attention the time, so I’m not sure if it actually lasted 12 hours or not, but I didn’t care. I smelled great all day that I can remember, and I got compliments, and to me that’s what beauty is about – feeling fabulous forever.

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