Why This Plaid Camel Poncho Had Me At Hello

Just when you think you know yourself, you discover something you never knew you loved. Yep, I’m talking about a Plaid Camel Poncho. So silly right? Yeahhhhhh not really. You see I love clothes to snuggle in; its cozy and soft, it’s also sports a killer pattern, and then there’s the color and the way it drapes. It has me hooked cause it has all the elements I adore. I love that it’s Burberry inspired which made me want it even more. I always try to find new things for my wardrode, to elevate my collection. Yep, a poncho had me at hello!

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Plaid Camel Poncho:

RomeWe Plaid Camel Poncho

Plaid Camel Poncho

Other Cool Poncho’s That Caught My Eye:







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