7 Killer Tips To Selling Online

As a frequent online shopper and seller, my friends often ask how I perform so well. What is the best way to sell online? In order to be successful, you need to have a strategy that will plan your course to selling success. If you take the extra time to put in the work, you will find it less of a hassle, and you would be surprised at the many mistakes people make, making their online selling frustration go through the roof. Here are my 7 best tips to selling success:

1. A Picture Tells A Thousand Words – Nothing beats products that have a killer shot. Clean & simple, with a non-blurry picture of what an item is, will sell itself. Include many photos from all different angles. The idea is to over deliver beating their expectations.

2. Stats – If you have to make me ask for measurements, you have already lost my interest. Take the time to give the buyer all the information they need. Measure twice, and spell it out loud and clear. Don’t assume they know which is the width, height or depth.

3. Competition – If you don’t know what is being sold in your market, then you don’t have a good gauge of what you are posting. Whether it’s a Craigslist post, Poshmark or an Ebay listing, know what else is out there, and be inspired by the other listings. Your goal is to be BETTER than everyone else.

4. Pricing – Too many people price their items way too high. Consumers go to these sites to get a deal. You either want to unload a product quickly, or you can hang onto it for months. That’s your choice, but most people that sell, want to make it an easy painless action.

5. Layout – From a visual standpoint, if your copy is well laid out and easy to read, people will actually read the whole thing. With too much competition out there, no one will give you the time of day if your layout is a mess.

6. Allergies – This is actually a huge one that a lot of people don’t realize. People that post that a product comes from a pet-free/ smoke-free home will have more sales than those that have not put that at all. Now the thing is not to lie here, but if your product comes from an allergen free home, advertise that! People with allergies & health conscious peeps will thank you.

7. Perceived Value – When you offer an incentive or call to action to entice your buyer to purchase now, that can sometimes get you a sale within 24 hrs. By adding a caveat like free shipping, or throwing in an extra gift makes the prize more expensive than it is. People see themselves winning and getting a deal.

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Best Way To Sell Online

Best Way To Sell Online

Best Way To Sell Online

Best Way To Sell Online

Best Way To Sell Online

Best Way To Sell Online

Photographed by Sabrina Hill

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