Must Have It Tartan: The Best Tartan Plaid Patterns This Season

Here’s a collection of the best Tartan Plaid patterns this season, and EVERY season in my opinion. I love Tartan (yes I’m from overseas – so I haven’t yet grasped to say plaid). Buuutttttt…..technically it is different. So what is the difference? Tartan is a type of pattern with a criss-cross of horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors – and usually made from wool. Plaid is a checkered pattern. Here’s a cool & colorful collection that I’m loving right now.

The Best Tartan Plaid Patterns This Season

1. Stella McCartney Tartan Tote | 2. Glamorous Skater Dress | 3. Burberry Print Iphone Case | 4. Tile Pen Holder | 5. Throw With Leather Carrier | 6. Tartan Pump | 7. Low Rise Thong | 8. Vivienne Westwood Scarf | 9. Vivienne Westwood Laptop bag | 10. Tartan & Leather Bracelet | 11. Cropped Tartan Sweater | 12. Mulberry Orange & Clove Candle | 13. Luggage Tag | 14. Tartan Tights

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