Best Tanning Oil To Get Dark Fast By Ligne St Barth $62

cc-buy-now-buttonFrom the seeds of the rare Roucouyer tree, comes the best tanning oil to get dark fast. For the longest time it was only ever available on the Caribbean Island of St Barts, being kept as an Island secret. Made from Roucou seeds which contain a natural provitamin A, it helps stimulate the production of melanin, which accelerates the tanning process. The tanning oil does double duty, acting as a sunburn soother and mosquito repellent. Perfect for summer and winter sports, it is UVA/UVB protected, also being non-greasy and doesn’t  block pores. Vitamin E, almond oil, and Calendula extract keep the skin smooth. Formulated for those who tan easily, it’s suitable for outdoors, or sun beds as well. Designed to elongate and rapidly develop sun tanned skin.

Best Tanning Oil To Get Dark Fast



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