The List: 11 Best Shades Of Gray Right Now

Growing up people would always ask whats your favorite color? Mine was always gray, but it was never on any list. I always hated that. Well thanks to the Phenom book trilogy “50 Shades of Gray” now it’s on everybody’s list. The color works so well as a wall paint color, but accessories is where it’s at. You can’t wear a wall, but you can wear my selection of the best shades of gray right now. I sifted through many items that were not worthy to make the list, so I hope you enjoy! I mean leather cat coasters?!? Come on, how cool!

Best Shades Of Gray Right Now -

1. Givenchy Scarf | 2. Chronograph Bracelet Watch | 3. Shourouk Atari Cuff | 4. Prada Sunglasses | 5. Leather Cat Coasters | 6. Phillip Lim Hobo | 7. Rag & Bone Sweater | 8. Leather Handle Champagne Bucket | 9. Driftwood Wall Hook | 10. Swan Loafers | 11. Iphone Case 5 | 12. Mac Book Pro 15″ Case



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