The Best Selling Item On The Site – Know What It Is?

cc-buy-now-buttonI get asked this question a lot for good reason, as people are curious and they wanna know what sells the best. But the last thing people would ever expect my best-selling item to be is a reclaimed wooden cookbook stand. Stacy Borocz’s awesome work brings warmth to any room. Visually stylish, the rustic, modern and eco-friendly stand works well as a cook book or ipad stand, but also as a wonderful art book display as well. Each piece is hand-sanded, and affixed with sturdy galvanized metal embellishments. Use a food safe Butcher Block Conditioner to maintain moisturized wood. 11? L x 10? W x 4? D.


My Best Selling Item On The Site:

Is a best selling item for a reason…

Best Selling Item - Stacy Borocz Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand






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