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cc-buy-now-buttonBeing a big sushi fan, I don’t go just for the fish. I go for the Sake! And it’s hot Sake that’s my thing. Perfect for serving both hot and cold, this is the best sake container in the world. Not kidding. It’s a stunning addition to any sushi lovers collection. Welcome to the world of precious wood. Being a very rare and scarce and valued material, Akita Cedar although light in mass, possesses outstanding resilience and robustness. The wood is split into narrow boards, then are immersed into boiling water and bent multiple times before the board is shaped and left to dry. Using this art form was first developed in the beginning of the 17th Century. Your investing in history, legacy, and tradition, and that it keeps the sake hot or colder for longer, without any condensation. Design company Kurikyu are considered masters in this industry. Kassai!!!  That’s Japanese for Cheers!

Best Sake Container In The World


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