Sleek Design By Louise Christ – Best Place To Hide Your Jewelry

cc-buy-now-buttonAs I invest in jewelry, I also invest in ways to protect them, store them and sometimes display them. People always say that “men are really visual”, and I think to myself, “hang on a second, woman are too!!” This jewelry bottle designed by Louise Christ, is rather elegant and beautiful and simply the best place to hide your jewelry. I’ve never seen a jewelry container like this before. Multi functional, it’s easy to store your jewelry on the inside, as well as stacking rings and bracelets on the outside. I gotta tell you, it also has that genie-in-a-bottle-feel. I like that I can hide my favorites away, and no one would be any the wiser.With a lined interior that protects, this Danish creation is sleek and functional at the same time. Materials: Aluminum, Silicone. Dimensions: 5″ W x 5″H.

Best Place To Hide Your Jewelry


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