What Is The Best Coffee Maker? icoffee Review

GREAT DESIGN SOLVES PROBLEMS. That is the founding principle of design. I am a big believer in investing in yourself, what you buy, and items that enhance you and your life. With so many coffee makers on the market, the choices are overwhelming, confusing, and a lot of them have the same formatting system, but without new technology.  Then icoffee comes along.

icoffee review

Bruce Burrows is the inventor of icoffee. A coffee lover that was frustrated with machines that wouldn’t deliver the perfect cup as promised. With his patented Steambrew technology, steam is used to release the flavors locked into the grounds. The same way as if you were steaming veggies. Then 6 rotational hot water jets extract, suspend and stir the coffee so it’s not left compacted, which allows for the full flavor to be released. Leaving you with coffee that is not bitter or acidic.

It makes complete sense. With the brew viewing window, you can SEE the steam process as it happens.

So I tried it out. Curated Cool’s ethos is less = more. icoffee fits right in. Easy to use, the machine does all the work. I appreciate the gold mesh basket, and the instruction booklet is SIMPLE. Thank you! If the design and innovation wasn’t classy & cool enough, the machine chimes Mozart at the beginning and end of your brew cycle. Dig it.  The result is a smooth, non-bitter cup that tastes CLEAN. That’s what is key. The dimensions are: Height 14.5” x Width 9” x Depth 11”.

Best Coffee Maker icoffee Review

The coffee I used was Upgraded” by Bullet proof —> HERE, which is toxin free and harvested from the  mountains of Central America. The beans are roasted by the #1 ranked roaster in America, giving you the benefits of coffee without the jittery side effects.

I recommend looking at the indigogo campaign —> HERE, to learn more about the technology.


Good design should be simple, well executed, and solve problems. icoffee succeeds at that!

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