The Hit List – 9 Killer Beach Tote Bags For Summer

Whether you’re hitting the beach this summer, or cruising around town, a gal needs a good tote to haul her stuff. Heres a collection of  killer beach tote bags that you can use for anything. I love them cause they are bright and chic, and even the simple leather ones I just adore. The leather Baggu is on trend, and I would take that anywhere!

Killer Beach Tote Bags For Summer:

Which one will you choose?

Beach Tote Bags -

1. Tory Burch Tote *50% OFF | 2. Bop Basics Colorblock Tote | 3. Job & Boss Splatter Tote | 4. Cold Picnic Leather Tote | 5. Stripes Beach Tote | 6. Doug Johnston Hawla Tote | 7. Kayu Flores Tote | 8. Doodle Homme Canvas Tote | 9. Navy Leather Baggu







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