12 Lustworthy Pieces – Back In Black

We all have our sexy colors, but black is in a league of its own. Effortlessly chic, I feel you can do no wrong with this color. Here’s a collection of my favorite finds, especially in the decor department. I mean from the feather clock, to the piggy bank, to the special edition wine glasses – The color is decadent, glamorous, and to die for. We’re Back In Black baby!

12 Lustworthy Pieces – Back In Black:

12 Lustworthy Pieces - Back In Black

1. Riedel Black Series Burgundy Grand Cru Glass **Free Shipping | 2. Diva Watering Can | 3. Carla Bag (Under $100) **Free Shipping | 4. Acne Bliss Shirt **Free Shipping | 5. Candelabra Bottle Stopper | 6. Baroque Plant Tray | 7. Feather Clock | 8. Pig Bank **Free Shipping | 9. Iro Heels **Free Shipping | 10. Black Gold Scented Candle | 11. Oscar de la Renta Rose Ring **Free Shipping | 12. Monocle Speakerphone – Limited Edition





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