The Hit List – The Hottest 12 Aviator Sunglasses For Women

Because Aviators sunglasses are cooler than cool, this is a hot designers only collection. Yeah Tom Cruise made them lustworthy in the movie Top Gun, but  aviator sunglasses for women come in all frames now. We’re talking color, bold rims, plastic, wire, gradient lens – it’s a designers dream. Most of this collection is either in sale or has free shipping. So be the chic diva I know your going to be.

Get Your Cool Factor On – 12 Lustworthy Designer Aviator Sunglasses For Women:

The Hit List - The Hottest 12 Designer Aviator Sunglasses For Women

1. Tom’s | 2. Ray-Ban | 3. Gucci | 4. Marc Jacobs | 5. Stella McCartney | 6. Tom Ford | 7. Thierry Mugler | 8. Carrera | 9. Sheriff & Cherry | 10. Paul Smith | 11. Marc by Marc Jacobs | 12. Vera Wang








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