Artistic Italian Decor Fornasetti Table Lamp $810

cc-buy-now-button“I do not believe in eras or times. I do not. I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.” So stated Piero Fornasetti, the owner and creator of the famed Italian design house Fornasetti. A purist and original artist till the end, he is celebrated as being among the most original and creative talents of the twentieth century. his works are instantaneously recognizable as he often use his constant muse, Lina Cavalieri. An Italian Opera singer known for her grace and beauty. Fornasetti designed a fantastical world, filled with image and color, that was saturated with humor. Piero Fornasetti was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of books and a creator of more than 11,000 products, and is one the largest of the 20th century. In classic Fornasetti style, this Artistic Italian Decor Fornasetti Table Lamp is a vision and work of art, worth more than it’s asking price today.

Artistic Italian Decor Fornasetti Table Lamp


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