World Cookbook Food Lover’s Guide To The World Review – Hardcover $28.50

cc-buyWorld cookbook food lovers guide to the world review. I’m not a fussy eater, but I do have food allergies. But that doesn’t stop me from having a culinary adventure! For under $30 you can have a culinary adventure around the world, while having that control of what goes in your food. The Food Lovers Guide to the World, takes you on a wonderful adventure learning about different cultures, and their foods. With more than 50 recipes included, it leads you from one end of the globe to the other. It also includes celebrity food-lover contributions, best places to find local dishes in cities great and small, cultural tips and how-to-eat etiquette. Loving food & Travel, you can’t find a more divers book than this. It will make you want to travel more, and that it a very good thing. 320 pages by Lonely Planet.

World Cookbook Food Lover's Guide To The World Review


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