Underwater Dogs Seth Casteel Book – Hardcover $12.04


I own this for a reason, and the cover art on this must have book says it all. It is hilarious, endearing, loving, adventurous, imaginative, hilarious, daring, and the list continues. It’s a doggy style opera beneath the surface and the delightful point of view that Seth Casteel shares with us will make you fall in love with the book just like I did. No matter whether your having a good or bad day, its ALWAYS a dog day afternoon.


“Surprising and funny.” — New York Times

“A great coffee table book.” — The Huffington Post

“These pictures are amazing and sometimes terrifying.” — The New York Times Book Review’s “Inside the List”

“The arresting portraits in Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dogs reveal what’s happening below the surface. Teeth gnashing, paws paddling, primal and hilarious, these canines bubble with irresistible energy.” — O, The Oprah Magazine

“Seth Casteel’s photos of dogs diving into swimming pools in hot pursuit of neon tennis balls have been a sensation.” — Washington Post

“Wide-eyed, wet-haired dog portraiture.” — Los Angeles Times

“The gorgeous, energetic snapshots are special in that they capture our pets in a primal state we rarely get to see.” — Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life

“Different from anything you’ve seen before.” — CNN.com

Underwater Dogs Seth Casteel Book


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