Natural Modern Home Decor Stone Bathroom Hooks $59

cc-buyNatural modern home decor stone bathroom hooks. Any time a product has function and beauty, it’s a winner. That’s always the intended goal. In home decor, there are a lot of choices, and while its good to have a theme, the special decor pieces really make the difference. You will find it’s always the smallest things. The natural trio of stone hooks are effortless, and compliment the backbone of the wood, allowing it to be placed in various rooms. Great for a bathroom, or a kitchen, but I also recommend an office, a wardrobe, or even an entry hallway. The clean-lined multi-purpose hooks are all natural being hand-picked from the rivers and beaches in New England. The natural elements of nature allow each stone to be unique rewarding you with a modern, chic and stylish decor addition to your home. If you have to have something up, this makes it oh so pretty. Made in the USA. 5″H x 2.5″W

Natural Modern Home Decor Stone Bathroom Hooks


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