Sea Glass Dinnerware Set 4 Different Colors $129

cc-buySea glass dinnerware set 4 different colors. To keep variety and the idea of uniqueness, these sea glass plates made the grade for the following reason. Sea glass is made from glass that is found on the beach that has been weathered by salt, water, and other rocks. These weathering processes produce natural frosted glass, giving it a translucent visual spark. They are a chic and minimal approach to dinning ware and the colors bring a pop that is muted by the beautiful frosting. The unique matte finish of these recycled glass dishes leaves no fingerprints. Fired at high temperatures, they are resilient enough for restaurant use. They really are gorgeous and tough as can be, and look so elegant in the dining room. Made in the USA. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 7″D.

 Sea Glass Dinnerware Set 4 Different Colors


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