Removable Wallpaper Kids Room – Clouds $148 FREE SHIPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonRemovable Wallpaper Kids Room. This removable wall paper is amazing! We have all seen the removable wall stickers, which are so great, but wall paper…wow! Some of the   ways you can make use it, is to make it a feature wall in your child’s bedroom, wall paper a section above the bed/dressing table/book shelf or use it in the play room and that’s only if you don’t want to use it in some other part of the house! The best part is that there’s no decorating regret. You have no commitment. Easy to peel it off down the track when your kids or you out grow it. The self-adhesive vinyl sheets are non-toxic and super easy to apply. No priming, prepping or gluing required. So easy! A Half Kit includes two roll’s, a Full Kit includes four rolls. A squeegee hand tool is included. Rolls of paper are 26″ wide by 94″ long, and can be cut to fit any shape or size.

Removable Wallpaper Kids Room



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