Modern Malene Birger Cuff Striped Bracelet Black & White £80 FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING

cc-buyModern Malene Birger cuff striped bracelet black & white. Im forever on the hunt for unique pieces of jewelry, and Malene Birger’s cuff  striped bracelet is a sharp contrast to what is on the market. Meaning there really isn’t any. It’s big, sophisticated, modern and sleek. You cannot go wrong with the color choice of black & white, and striped NEVER goes out of style. Cheap imitations and knock-offs come across exactly like that. Cheap. A modern statement wearing cuff bracelet needs a bit of investment. It’s always wise to invest in items that are the hardest to find. With an affordable price point, designer Malene Birger adds chic hardware, which nicely adds an earthy golden hue. This softens the cuff bracelet over all. Be a conscious collector, and invest in quality pieces. Getting wet not recommended. 100% resin, brass trim. Width 4.75cm. Circumference 6.88″/17.5cm.

Modern Malene Birger Cuff Striped Bracelet Black & White


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