Modern Coat Rack Umbrella Stand By Blu Dot $299

cc-buy-now-buttonEverything that you own in your home, should be a deliberate choice. When choosing objects that are works of art, there is more beauty, class, INSPIRATION and delight in your home. Purposeful choices, lead to more purpose filled lives. Hence purpose is given to this modern coat rack umbrella stand. Inspired by the construction and form of Native American teepee’s, design house Blu Dot, created this rack with a set of four solid walnut planks, atop coated steel legs. With solid construction, assembly is a breeze and is a chic display in your house. Bold yet minimal, felt pads are on the underside of each base leg. Also available in the colors blue, grey, yellow and white. For added depth, you can dip the legs in another colored paint, to give it an added artists feel. 20″ Dia X 65″ H.

Modern Coat Rack Umbrella Stand


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