Mini Stoneware Portable Table Top Grill FREE US SHIPPING

cc-buyMini Stoneware Portable Table Top Grill. Hello summer. Your right around the corner and it is grilling time. Take your little grill wherever you go. LITERALLY! A mini portable yet elegant table grill, allows you to have it on your own dinner table, making cooking fun and entertaining. The wooden trivet provides stability and protects the table from heat. The stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry, even when hot. The mini portable great to have in a yard, outdoors, camping, or practically anywhere you want. For protection, it comes with a stainless internal heat shield and bowl, so the hot coals don’t come into contact with the porcelain bowl. Great for Japanese yakitori, veggies, mini burgers, or anything you love grilling. Corn on the cobb included. The dish-washer safe stoneware bowl can also be used  for serving salads, soup or as an ice bucket. Just add charcoal and light. 12″ dia x 6.3″ h.

Mini Stoneware Portable Table Top Grill


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