5 Easy Tips To Live A Life Without Regrets

Truth: A lot of people say they live a life without regrets, but do they? I’ve said this a dozen times but more and more am actually doing it. How so? I am bucket listing, sticking to my promises, giving more of myself to others, and always striving to be a better person. Here’re some tips that I use to keep me going:

1. Write It Down – When you review your goals each week or once a month, it will put that fire in your belly to motivate you to make it happen.

2. Say Yes – Gosh if you can say yes to most opportunities you will go far. Most people get to shy or are uncertain. Uncertainty, and jumping in head first will lead you to a life of no regrets.

3. Learn A New Skill – I have a friend that every year devotes an entire year to that skill, so after 5 years he’s mastered 5 new things. Freaking cool!! Imagine what he’ll know in 20 yrs? So far he’s studied painting, astrology, art history, fishing, philosophy & cooking.

4. Take Risks – No matter how big or small a risk is different to everyone. Whether it’s going to the airport and picking a last minute flight or road tripping on a whim. Just do it. Risking with your heart is just as rewarding as well.

5. Learn Self Worth – It took me a while to learn this one, but when you know how your own self is valued, saying no to what is not right for you is powerful. From a bad job to a nasty relationship. Life is way too short to be miserable.


I Live A Life Without Regrets:

Do you?

Life Without Regrets Madewell Jacket

Life Without Regrets Madewell Jacket

Life Without Regrets Madewell Jacket

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5 Easy Tips To Live A Life Without Regrets








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  1. Sage advice grasshopper….I think I’ve got all of those tips covered, now, ahem that I’m older. Although I’ve always kept a diary that begins every year with a list of desires. I’m always surprised at the end the year when I’ve managed to cross everything off it! I think the act of writing down & saving it serves to manifest it, like a spell perhaps?

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