Jonas Damon Areaware Modern Flashlight Wood $48

cc-buyJonas Damon Areaware modern flashlight wood. This is a guilty pleasure purchase. It’s elegant, hip, sleek and chic. It makes for a perfect gift. There are many times when the light from your cellphone just doesn’t cut it, even if you have an app for a flashlight. Unconventionally simple & eco-friendly, this flashlight belongs on your table – not hidden in a drawer. The designer’s intention was to take the industrial edge off of an iconic, mass-produced product and to give it new life. Flashlights are typically made from plastic or aluminum, but these are made from new growth beech wood which transforms it into something tactile & engaging. The end cap unscrews easily to replace the batteries and houses the on/off switch. uses energy-efficient LED bulbs; lightbulbs and batteries not included.  8” x 2” x 2”, requires 3 AAA batteries. Output is 60 lumens. 

Jonas Damon Areaware Modern Flashlight Wood


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