Italian Blown Glass Vase by Fabio Novembre $1720 – FREE US SHIPPING


Fabio Novembre is an Italian architect and designer that has exhibitions all over the world. His exclusive limited edition collection of pharmaceutical drug-style vases, the Happy Pills Collection is an ode to love, that are bicolor capsules of handmade Murano glass, the two pieces created separately and then heat-fused together by way of the incalmo technique. Testosterone, Oestrogen, Phenylethylamine, Adrenalin, Oxytocin: each vase represents a different substance, with chemical symbols etched on the side. His latest tweet reads; “I want to breathe till I choke .……….. I want to love till I die. Milan.” Yep. He’s defiantly Italian. His works are collectible, gain value, and are bright enough while looking at them to make you feel happy. Love you. Mean it. Kisses xox


Italian Blown Glass


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