THE FRIDAY FIVE – 5 Productive Steps On How To Wake Up Your Wardrobe

Ok admit it. We all have items in our wardrobe that we have been MEANING to fix, whether its a missing button on a shirt or  tailoring for pants or a dress. Shoes that need a new sole, or a quick polish. Jewelry that has a broken link, or has lost it’s lustre. Before you know it, you have amassed a collection of unwearables. Here’s how to wake up your wardrobe in a snap.

1. Start with clothes, shoes, jewelry then accessories. Go through every single item – and if it is not ready to wear right now, then take it out of closet. Only what’s inside is ready to go.

2. Divide the categories into piles, and sort by what needs to be fixed right now, and what can wait a week. Or if your eager and budget is not a problem, take them to get fixed all at once. You would be surprised at how many items will be on your list. Just in clothing I had 22!

3. Have a go to Tailor,  Shoe repair place, and Jeweler in your arsenal of need to know contacts. Stat. Ask friends, read reviews, and then you will be better equipped at getting items repaired as opposed to letting them linger. Those three musketeers are your most underutilized best friends.

4. Invest in your own small fix it kit. One for shoe repairs/polish. One for sewing/buttons/simple tailoring. One for polishing/maintenance of leather bags. Being able to do your own little tasks like sewing on a button, gives you a new skill, and a new appreciation of your item. Trust me on this one.

5. The item – clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories ONLY goes back into the wardrobe when it’s in tip-top shop. The best closet to shop in should be your own. Make sure everything is tip-top chic, just like you.

How To Wake Up Your Wardrobe

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