How To Take Pride In Your Appearance.

How To Take Pride In Your Appearance.


As the saying goes, it really is a whole other world under sea – no it’s not the Lost city of Atlantis, but there is a few things that we can learn.

This is the Red Lipped Batfish – How does this relate to your life? Batfish are not good swimmers; they use their pectoral fins to walk on the ocean floor. Regardless of their creation, thankfully it’s always got a good set of lips.

Do not judge. YES they are bottom feeders. NO they are not ugly. They wear red. PROUDLY…

In todays society so many people just dont even bother. People wearing pajamas to the bank, Ugg Boots to a nice restaurant, Flip Flops to a wedding, even boarding an airplane looking like you just crawled out of bed. It’s sad. especially as this is a choice….

The Batfish didn’t choose to be a bad swimmer, and didn’t choose red lips, but at least it looks all dolled up. Dont be a bat head. Have pride. Make a choice. Live curated. Be cool.

By Melinda Fleming.

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