How to Overcome Obstacles In Life

How to Overcome Obstacles In Life

We are most often held back by obstacles we aren’t even aware of  – bad habits, flaws, ego, neuroses, self-destructiveness, aversions and fears we hardly know we have.

The world doesn’t usually take the time to plead, argue and convince us of our errors. Feedback is usually whispered, in the form of small failures, small problems, small trends. But we’re too thick headed and resistant to hear it. We’re soft bodied but hard-headed. We have too much armor to fail well.

So when you bump up against something that is clearly an obstacle and hindering your progress–from an a business deal gone wrong to your car getting stolen–you’d do well to say: “Hey at least I know about this. It’s an exposed issue that either has a solution or it doesn’t. Now I can try to solve it.” Don’t complain. Be thankful. Celebrate.

By Melinda Fleming.

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