Gorgeous Rustic Gold Temple Bells Spiritual $19 – $79

cc-buyGorgeous rustic gold temple bells spiritual. I’m particular about my chimes and bells. And the best kind, are the old kind. Fitted with wooden clackers and made from rustic brass-plated steel, these bells shimmer like burnished gold. The mini’s make great napkin holders, or great to hang. The medium and large are great to scatter across the dining table to give that rustic look at a dinner party. Also great to hang as a chime as well. Hanging is made easy with simple twine hoops. The temple bell is a wonderful addition to any collection of items. Also it possess the ability to give you a sense of peace and serenity in a stressed life. You will love. MINI 3″D x 5″H, SMALL 4″D x 8″H, LARGE 4.5″D x 10″H, GIANT 8″D x 15″H.

Gorgeous Rustic Gold Temple Bells Spiritual


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