FRIDAY FIVE – 5 reasons not to start a fight.

Friday Five

The Friday Five - 5 reasons not to start a fight.

1. Firstly, your only ever fighting yourself. Your only ever in competition with yourself. Fact. Realizing this and swallowing ego & pride, makes room for this reflection.

2. Debating with words is a far better option than debating with your fists. Even if you are not at you’re debating best, taking the high road makes you less of a fool.

3. The hardest test is when someone get’s under your skin, and you just cant seem to shake it – It’s absolutely wasted energy. Caveman instincts will let it linger. Curated Cool Instincts say you have to learn to let it go. Hard? yes. Doable? without a doubt.

4. Anytime your having beef with someone, it’s called the mirror effect. Everything you distaste about that person is a reflection of what you hate about yourself. Listen. Learn. Take note. Make those changes. Life will be better when you do.

5. If on the odd chance you DO feel like you need to start a fight, either leave in the post, or perhaps this article is not for you. Just a thought.

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