Flight 001 Chic Travel Makeup Bag FREE WORLD SHIPPPING

cc-buy-now-buttonFlight 001 Chic Travel Makeup Bag. As a frequent traveler, and passion aficionado of all things labeled, Im in perfect travel accessory heaven with a pouch such as this. Now us woman are great at finding things in the dark, but I like bright essential items that spell it out nice and large in this exact way. If your travelling with a boyfriend, you could use it for tampons and he wouldn’t be any the wiser. Or be traditional and use it for make up or even as a travelling emergency kit. Flight 001 was formed as the ultimate packing answer for frequent travelers with a penchant for easy organization. Height: 6″ / 15cm. Width: 8″ / 20cm.

Flight 001 Chic Travel Makeup Bag


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