Etched Recycled Glass Caribou Drinkware Set $40 for 4

cc-buyEtched recycled glass Caribou drinkware set. It’s like this – When buying new glasses for the home, I always like to see if I can add a bit of modern where I can. These glasses are fun, hip, simply designed and nice to look at. The caribou is etched using a sandblaster, leaving beautiful works of artistic glasses in your home. Also know that this purchase is a good cause. Made from recycled glass, Inhabit’s drinkware is handmade in the USA from reclaimed glass bottles (Extra chic points). They are perfectly imperfect (Double down chic points). original stamping, casting impressions or varying wall thicknesses, all add up to the fact that they are all one of a kind. These details combined with Inhabit’s trademarked designs sandblasted onto the surface, create minimal chic that’s memorable. Whats not to love.

Etched Recycled Glass Caribou Drinkware Set


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