Enchanted Atelier Swarovski Crystal Wedding Veil $805 FREE WORLD SHIPPING

cc-buyEnchanted Atelier Swarovski crystal wedding veil. Designer Liv Hart creates a stunningly chic wedding veil adorned with a lot of bling. In a La Dolce Vita kind of way, the Italian inspired minimal design is elegant, tasteful, minmal, and is sure to make your day all the more special. This is as chic as you can get  as it is fuss free, not in your face, and you will look like you walked out of  vogue magazine. This especially is for woman that is seeking that, for it is your day. A very glamorous day. A ribbon wrapped comb secures the veil to the hair. Distinct craftsmanship is at play at Enchanted Atelier. Length: 10in / 25.5cm.

 Enchanted Atelier Swarovski Crystal Wedding Veil


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